Often during calls, sales reps need to juggle talking and listening to customers with taking notes. This leads to distractions during calls, critical call moments slipping through the cracks, accurate next steps not being set, and a poor experience overall for the customer. Aviso solves this problem for your sales team through building the Notetaker feature.

The unique aspect of the Notetaker is that it is like a virtual assistant for your sellers in real-time. It sits on every call you make, records what happens, transcribes what you said and how your customers responded, and shines a spotlight on critical moments during calls. This way, sales managers and VPs understand what happened on call without even being on call. They also get to learn the weaknesses of different sales reps and how customers are leaning- towards or away from their product/ service. The Notetaker is part of Aviso’s suite of AI-driven Conversational Intelligence solutions.

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