Activity Insights

Activity Insights are an aggregate of a sales rep's volume of activities over time, with details about the nature of who was engaged, how they were engaged, and how often. Activity Insights helps sales managers determine how productive a rep has been over time, and how effective their interactions are towards getting a deal closed within the quarter. The problem with merely relying on simplistic Activity Insights is that they give you an incomplete picture of how rep interactions impact deal health. The truth is that activities do not always equal true engagement from a buyer. Therefore, as a sales manager, you need a complete view of whether multiple stakeholders in a deal were contacted, what was said on calls and emails, and a consolidated picture of engagement health at a glance. Aviso's Activity and Engagement features assign a letter grade that indicates engagement health across email, calls, and other communication channels. Aviso also shows you opportunity owner insights which indicate how owners have performed on the deal compared to their past actions as well as the historical performance of the team.

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