Customer Intelligence (CI)

Customer intelligence is defined as the process of gathering and gaining insights from customer data across a variety of disparate sources. These sources include CRM, emails, calls, meeting tools and ticketing systems.

Customer intelligence unlocks a whole new depth and breadth of insights about customer behaviour, preferences, buying interest and motivations. This means revenue teams armed with customer insights are now primed to deliver hyper-personalized experiences. Customer intelligence paves the way for revenue teams to batch customers, execute segmentation and plan campaigns based on the information they have gained. Ultimately, customer intelligence is all about ensuring a smoother, shorter customer journey from cold to closed-won, creating a win-win for both sides of the table. Customer intelligence also plays a critical role in enhancing the customer experience and tailoring them for individual accounts and customers within each account. This in turn puts your deal win rates, conversion across deal stages and retention rate on an upwardly mobile curve.

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