THU FEB 09 2023

3 AI-Powered Sales Coaching Techniques You Need To Drive Revenue

by Bithika Bishesh

Artificial intelligence for sales has revolutionized the sales industry by providing sales reps and managers with powerful tools to drive performance improvement and revenue growth. AI-powered sales coaching techniques have become indispensable in sales organizations as they help reps and managers achieve their goals and reach their full potential more efficiently and effectively. 

In this blog, we will explore three key AI-powered sales coaching techniques that are essential for sales success: real-time call guidance, post-call coaching insights, and collaboration workspaces. Each of these techniques leverages the power of conversational intelligence to provide real-time feedback, actionable insights, and ongoing training and collaboration opportunities. 

With AI-driven techniques like these, sales reps can handle objections and close deals with confidence, managers can create a winning coaching strategy and drive behavior modification, and teams can collaborate effectively and efficiently to achieve their goals.

Whether you are looking to improve sales performance, drive revenue, or simply become a more effective sales organization, a sales technology with these AI-powered sales coaching techniques are a must-have.

1. Real-Time Call Guidance 

Real-time call guidance is a powerful tool that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze calls in real time, helping sales reps improve their performance on the spot. This CI capability provides immediate feedback and guidance to sales reps during their calls, ensuring they are able to handle objections, respond to customer questions, and close deals with confidence. Here are the benefits of an AI-powered real-time call guidance.

  • Improved buyer engagement: With the real-time feedback and some prompts like specific, engaging questions, reps can focus on the customer and not on taking notes. This ensures that the conversation stays customer-centric, leading to a more positive experience for the customer.
  • Increased success rates: With real-time guidance on responses and relevant information, reps are able to handle objections and answer questions about products and services with ease. This leads to higher success rates and more deals closed.
  • Confidence boost: Providing reps with immediate feedback and guidance during their calls boosts their confidence and helps them handle any situation that arises during the call.

Aviso leverages AI-powered conversational intelligence to listens to calls in real time and identify areas for improvement and predict when reps may need assistance. Our AI is able to process and transcribe calls in a matter of seconds, allowing reps to easily access key moments and call highlights. In addition, our advanced NLP models process and provide checklists and recommended responses based on real-time event capture. Aviso’s AI also provides real-time coaching insights and recommendations on what to say or how to respond to the query or objections raised in the call. This helps sales reps handle questions related to competitors and objections related to products or services, and elevate the discussion toward closure without breaking a sweat. 

Aviso’s Real-Time Call Guidance

2. Post-Call Coaching Insights

Post-call coaching insights use AI algorithms to analyze sales calls and generate actionable insights and metrics on reps’ performance. The insights generated are then shared with both the rep and the manager, allowing them to make evidence-based coaching plan and improve overall sales performance. Here are the benefits of leveraging conversation insights generated after every sales call.

  • Identify skill gaps: Post-call coaching insights provide managers with the information they need to identify areas where reps need improvement. For example, a rep's metrics may reveal a high talk ratio, indicating that they are asking few questions and dominating the conversation, potentially losing the customer's interest. This allows managers to gather specific context and focus on providing targeted coaching.
  • Drive Behavior Modification: Feedback received after each call provides an opportunity for reps to reflect on their performance and make meaningful changes to their behavior. This can lead to long-term behavior modification and improved sales results.

Aviso generates a set of important conversational intelligence metrics after every sales call to provide a comprehensive overview of a rep's performance. This allows managers to monitor their rep’s performance against different benchmarks and compare it with other team members. The platform also provides a historical analysis feature that lets managers see how a rep's performance has evolved over time. This can help managers identify past successful behaviors and replicate that across the team. 

Aviso’s CI Metrics to Track Rep Performance

3. Ongoing Coaching via Digital Rooms

A digital collaboration workspace is a powerful tool that leverages AI to help sales managers and reps collaborate effectively and efficiently. These rooms can help managers and reps have virtual check-ins to discuss performance goals and performance review and address any concerns. They can also be used for ongoing training, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. Here’s how these coaching rooms can enhance performance. 

  • Access to a centralized location: Coaching rooms provide a centralized location for managers and reps to collaborate, making it easier for them to communicate and work together effectively. The digital rooms also make it easier for reps to access training materials and coaching sessions on demand, allowing them to review and reinforce key concepts at their own pace. 
  • Drive rep performance and team actions: Sales managers can use these rooms to coach reps on the sales processes, identify winning plays, and transfer them across their entire team, turning every rep into a rockstar. 

Aviso's Digital WarRooms offer a streamlined solution for remote collaboration between sales managers and reps. These rooms are equipped with a range of features to facilitate communication, including video chat, file sharing, embedded conversational intelligence, and more. Additionally, sales users can access specific coaching and playbook recommendations based on winning practices from across the business. The sales rep scorecards in the coaching rooms provide a comprehensive analysis of a rep's performance, including their actions such as closing deals and building relationships with key accounts. Managers can easily access these scorecards and tailor their coaching accordingly. 

Aviso AI Coaching Rooms


The three advanced sales coaching techniques discussed above are essential to improve rep performance and future-proof revenue in this economic uncertainty. With Aviso's AI-powered sales coaching platform that follows a multi-pronged and integrated approach to coaching, you get all these capabilities and more. Unlike other tools that only provide basic coaching insights, such as talk-to-listen ratios, Aviso's platform emulates the play-by-play coaching method used by sports coaches. This allows managers to identify the coachable moments and create a customized coaching strategy that is tailored to the needs of each rep, helping them achieve success quarter over quarter. 

Aviso’s AI also helps reps identify and replicate the behavior of the top-performing reps and provides them with the tools and insights they need to improve their performance. 

Empower your sales team with Aviso's AI-powered sales coaching platform and drive revenue growth today.

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