TUE JAN 17 2023

Revolutionizing Sales Call Insights With Deep Learning

by Bithika Bishesh

Does your sales team struggle to engage clients and prospects in different languages?

Do your sellers try to read a prospect’s mind or hidden cues during a sales negotiation?

Do your sellers often find themselves in a situation where they do not have the right answer to a prospect’s questions concerning your product or competitor’s prices?

If the answer to these questions is yes, you’d be glad to know that technological advancements like deep learning are transforming the future of sales.

Deep learning is a leading-edge AI-infused technology based on artificial neural networks that imitate the way the human brain analyzes and processes information.

Deep learning applications in sales platforms can address all the above challenges to enhance your customer experience, and boost win rate. Read our blog on Deep Learning Models — A Crystal Ball For Sales to know more!

In this blog, we will explore how deep learning models are used to generate sales call insights for sales organizations to win more deals, grow revenue and thrive even in this economic uncertainty.

Deep Learning Applications in Conversational Intelligence for Sales

Conversational intelligence (CI) has advanced from post-call transcription and summary to real-time call guidance and coaching. Sales users can now get more in-depth analysis and actionable insights from sales calls in real time.

Conversational intelligence systems that leverage deep learning models can fully comprehend the entire context of a sales call by analyzing the verbal and non-verbal cues of a sales call, such as tone of voice, pitch, facial gestures, emotion, etc. and collecting input from multiple conversation channels and sources, such as CRM, calendar, phone calls, emails, etc. 

This helps in providing more valuable call insights into buyers’ actual purchase intent, their level of satisfaction, sellers’ coaching requirements, and the most effective ways to address them. For example, a deep learning-based conversational intelligence system can identify when a buyer is showing a high level of interest in a product or service, or when a seller is demonstrating strong sales skills. This information can be used to provide more targeted coaching and support to sellers, helping them better understand their buyers’ needs and motivations to close more sales.

Deep learning  models like bi-directional encoder representations from transformers (BERT), robustly optimized BERT pre-training approach (RoBERTa), bi-directional auto-regressive transformers (BART), etc. can achieve state-of-the-art results across multiple natural language processing (NLP) tasks like classification, question answering, etc.

Aviso’s Deep Learning Based CI to Drive Deal Outcomes

Aviso is a powerful enterprise platform that leverages deep learning models for its conversational intelligence capabilities. These capabilities assist its users with unique and comprehensive sales call insights to engage with customers in a personalized way and to improve sellers’ performance. For instance, Aviso offers call transcription, translation, and a range of sales call insights to support sales teams using multiple languages. It also offers coaching capabilities, including real-time guidance and post-call coaching for reps and managers, and generates playlists of key calls with the ability to highlight well-handled sections of a sales call.

To understand customers’ needs and intent and drive optimal business outcomes, Aviso leverages context-aware deep learning models and conducts multidimensional and multi-modal analysis.

In contrast to keyword-based systems, which may only identify certain words or phrases, Aviso’s context-aware models trained on a large number of sales conversations can understand the overall context of a conversation. These models can extract the most relevant words — keywords, themes, objections, opportunities, competitor mentions, etc. — in real-time and provide insights about the customer's sentiment and the specific issues they are experiencing, and recommend a course of action for the reps to address those concerns. 

Let’s understand it using an example. Consider the following conversation snippets.

Aviso’s context-aware models can identify the first phrase as a pricing objection and the second phrase as a pricing intent, and alert the sales team to focus on addressing any concerns or questions related to pricing. This can help the sales team optimize their time and efforts and increase the likelihood of closing a deal.

Our deep learning models analyze multiple dimensions of a conversation, such as sentiment, aspects, tone of voice, facial expressions, gestures, and other subtle indicators of emotion. For example, in the third statement above ‘your product has got good features but UI isn’t user-friendly,’ our AI can recognize negative sentiment towards the product's user interface (UI) and a positive sentiment towards the features. This helps the sales team understand the customer intent, track buyers’ sentiments toward competitors, and work to improve customer experiences. 

Additionally, the deep learning models also conduct multi-modal analysis by capturing and analyzing 1000+ signals from various sources, such as sales calls, emails, calendar, CRM data, etc. For example, our models can analyze sales calls to identify themes and issues that are important to customers. They can also analyze emails to identify patterns in the language used by top-performing reps. By identifying these themes and patterns, sales teams can better understand what works and what doesn't in their sales strategy and can improve their approach or tailor the pitch to better meet the needs of the customer.


Deep learning models can significantly enhance the performance of sales teams by providing call insights into each sales conversation that would otherwise be difficult to extract. These models are able to learn and adapt to new data over time, and can be particularly effective at handling large, complex datasets with multiple layers of structure and relationships, such as natural language text or audio.

Aviso leverages advanced deep learning models to shape the future of sales and help businesses recession-proof revenue with buyer intent analytics, action plans, integrated coaching, and multilingual conversational intelligence.

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