WED MAR 15 2023

Aviso AI Product Updates - February 2023

by Avinash Kothakota

Aviso has always been about working continuously towards solving customer problems and helping customers improve their revenue. February 2023 hasn’t been any different, we are glad to announce a range of product updates across Pipeline risk management, Account Intelligence, AI-based Nudges, and a couple more that are aimed at improving customer experience and driving sales success. Keep scrolling to understand what we have in store for you. 

Product Release Highlights

1. Pipeline Risk Report

What is it?

Aviso has now further strengthened its out-of-the-box Reports section with the addition of Pipeline risk reports. This report gives you a quick overview of the deal risk levels across various stages of the sales pipeline. Risk classification of the deals is done based on the AI-based Aviso WinScores of the deals. Red, yellow, and green colors are used to indicate high, medium, and low-risk levels correspondingly. Clicking on one of the colors shows the path of that risk category across the pipeline. 

Why is it important?

It is of paramount importance for the sales team to identify the risky deals and take prompt actions to bring them back on track. To take it a step further, having the visibility of risk levels of deals across the stages of the pipeline is much more handy. This way the efforts of the sales team can be focused more on risky deals in critical stages of the pipeline instead of acting on risky deals of lesser importance. 

How does it help?

Sales heads can pin this report to the dashboard and review it periodically to identify risky deals across stages. Leadership can also alert the corresponding sales reps to take corrective actions and improve deal conversion rate. Sales managers can also review Pipeline risk for upcoming quarters and work proactively to address areas of concern. 

Aviso’s Pipeline By Risk Report

2. Account Intelligence

What is it?

Aviso users can now get a complete picture of all the deals linked to an account and glance over the metrics consolidated at an account level. Activities which are not tagged to opportunities are also going to get covered under account intelligence. This feature also ensures that activities of accounts with no opportunities also get tagged to the respective accounts. Account intelligence also provides information on relationships between buyer and seller contacts, Org Chart to have organization-wide visibility for effective engagement of key stakeholders, and account rooms to collaborate with internal account teams on account-related activities from one workspace. 

Why is it important?

Often business teams focus solely on opportunities and miss out on the bigger picture at account-level relationships. As the business value goes higher, it gets even more critical to ensure that sales planning is done at the account level keeping long-term relationships in mind. Any other short-sighted approach might yield small results but it is detrimental in the long run. Account owners are often given the responsibility of onboarding new accounts, improving customer satisfaction of existing accounts, identifying upsell/cross-selling opportunities, and bringing down customer churn rate. Account Intelligence is extremely important for them to effectively handle these responsibilities which will result in improved business revenues. 

How does it help?

Sales leaders can look at the health of account-level metrics and work with corresponding deal owners on underperforming metrics. They can look at the relationship chart and get a detailed view of the executives’ activities to take corrective actions if necessary. They can drill down into deal level as well to identify gaps and fix them. Account owners can look at the Org Chart to identify the key decision makers and plan activities to ensure multi-threaded conversations are going which can improve their conversion rates. Account executives can have streamlined discussions, document signings, file sharing, approvals, to-do checklists, and whiteboards all in one dedicated Account room that can act as a Digital WarRoom to manage account relationships. 

3. More AI-Based Nudges

What is it?

Aviso is aggressively working on providing a wide range of AI-based nudges that can help sales teams to improve their productivity and efficiency. Here are four more nudges that we have released on our platform:

Why is it important?

Being proactive in sales always pays off otherwise it might lead to drop in deal conversion rates. It is important for the reps to keep track of key metrics that can help them stay on course to achieve their quotas. 

Commit to Bookings ratio can help you understand whether the rep is able to convert all committed deals into bookings or not. 

Checking on out quarter pipeline coverage is critical for business in order to get a sense of upcoming quarter projections. 

It is also important for the sales team to have a weekly outlook on quarterly booking projections to plan tactical actions. 

It’s a common practice in B2B organizations to pull in upcoming quarter deals into the current quarter to meet the goals. It will be helpful to measure the late-stage conversion ratio and work on it should there be a drop in quota attainment. 

How does it help?

When the Commit pipeline to bookings goes down, the sales team can look at the upside deals and pull in deals to increase bookings. 

With the help of Out Quarter Pipeline, sales managers can realize the issue much earlier and review the next quarter pipeline. Demand generation team can be notified about the same and necessary actions can be taken to improve the pipeline. 

Sales team now has data-backed insights on what can be the expected bookings instead of relying on gut feel. Weekly nudges on expected bookings help the team to stay alert and work towards winning more deals. 

Checking the upside deals from the Late stage conversion nudge will aid the team in timely decision-making on which deals can be pulled in to meet the sales targets. 

Commit/Booking Ratio Nudge            

Out Quarter Pipeline Nudge


Pipeline Conversion Nudge             

Late Stage Conversion Nudge


4. Forecast Grid Insights (Week-on-Week Changes)

What is it?

Aviso’s Forecast grid now comes packed with insights on week-on-week changes made to the forecast. This feature can be used by switching to the new theme in the Forecast grid. Each grid comes with a green triangle at the top left corner, clicking on it would show the week-on-week changes made to that particular grid. 

Switching to New Theme in Forecast Grid

Why is it important?

Tracking the changes in forecast is one of the must-do activities for sales leaders as they cannot afford to not be aware of changes that are going to impact their goal achievement. It also needs to be done at a weekly level in order to avoid bigger surprises that may come up if done at a monthly cadence. 

How does it help?

Sales leaders can now quickly glance at a number and find out the changes made to it from the last week easily without having to deep dive into metrics. Based on the quantum of change, they can discuss it right away with the corresponding metric owner and plan appropriate next steps. They can also compare the changes made to numbers across Commit, Most likely, and Best case scenarios and prioritize the action plan based on the category. 

Aviso’s Week-on-Week Insights in Forecast Grid

5. Comment in Private on the Smart Transcript

What is it?

At Aviso, we are always open to customer feedback and we continuously strive to match their requirements. This particular feature request has come from one of our valued customers. We’ve been consistently working on improving our Conversational Intelligence features. Smart Transcript of call recordings is a major part of it. With the objective of making the Smart Transcript interactive, we’ve provided the option of providing comments on it visible to all. But the customer wanted more, so we have taken it up a notch above and enabled the users to manage the privacy of comments. The comments can now be made visible to the public or to a specific set of people or just for yourself. 

Why is it important?

One of the best practices in communication is to ensure the message is directed at the right audience. The right person getting the message is not the only benefit here but this also helps in ensuring the larger audience is not spammed with irrelevant messages which lead to time wastage. The same principle gets applied to the discussions on the Smart Transcript, not all comments are meant for everybody, especially the sales leaders. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to maintain proper comment hygiene in order to avoid cluttering of messages which can otherwise lead to losing track of important messages. 

How does it help?

If there are open action items in the next steps of the transcript, the sales manager can privately comment on the transcript tagging the activity owners. Sales reps needing support from other stakeholders in the call can privately reach out to them via the comments section. Sales reps/managers don't have to switch to other apps to make personal notes about the call, they can just comment on the transcript and mark it specific to themselves. 

Comment in Private on the Smart Transcript

We’re sure that these updates are going to make a ton of difference in improving your revenue operations. We’d love you to explore these new features and hear your thoughts on the sales impact. As always, we keep our ears open for your valuable feedback so that we can keep striving for excellence. 

Get in touch with us if you’re not our customer and would like to see a demo of Aviso.