MON DEC 26 2022

Aviso AI Product Updates Summary - 2022

by Trevor Rodrigues-Templar


2022 has been a tumultuous year with businesses and sales teams grappling with uncertainty and the looming threat of a recession. In these uncertain times, the businesses that survived and thrived adapted and leveraged technology to gain a competitive edge and drive efficiency with agility. 

At Aviso, we proudly worked alongside our customers to help them stay ahead of the curve and make the most of their opportunities. As the only fully natively built and integrated AI-based revenue intelligence platform, we expanded our “single pane of glass” vision with over 80 new product updates, alongside path-breaking innovations in our architecture and AI/ML research. 

In this blog post, we'll be recapping some of the highlights of our product updates in 2022. So, without further ado, let's dive in!

Also, here’s a 3 minute summary video of some of these key innovations

General User Interface Enhancements

Enhanced Landing Page

Aviso’s Homepage is where most users start their Aviso journey to visualize all the key revenue workflows in a single pane. In a single glance, users can access Revenue Forecasting, Trends, Pipeline Quality, Top 10 Deals, What’s changed since last week, Activity Metrics, Conversation Intelligence Metrics, Upcoming Meetings, and more. In 2022, we streamlined the in-page navigation and added new sections including channels and upcoming meetings.

Aviso’s Enhanced Landing Page

Web Notification Centre 

We also launched a Web Notification Center to make it easy for users to stay on top of what's important and know what has happened while they were away. The Notification Panel, located at the top right of the screen, is a convenient place to access alerts, notifications, and shortcuts. The Web Notifications center includes both informational and actionable updates.

Aviso’s Web Notifications

AI/ ML Innovation and Research

Aviso continued to leverage and build state-of-the-art Machine Learning and Deep Learning approaches in 2022 to bring the latest AI innovations to the world of Sales. We extended to derive buyer intent signals from disparate data sources like email body, CRM next steps, and meetings. Innovations at the feature engineering level and ML pipeline level in 2022 have led to improved accuracies across various deal-level predictions. Implementation of new MLOps (ML Operations) methodologies has allowed us to iterate and bring these innovative features to the market faster. 

We have also fine-tuned further advanced NLP models like BART, BERT, etc. for sales conversations and leveraged them to provide automatic summaries of meetings and to automatically extract action items. Fusion models have been used for accurate emotion recognition of buyers. In addition to text, acoustic features like pitch, energy, and spectral characteristics have also been analyzed for accurate predictions.

In our work on Computer Vision, Aviso’s gesture recognition has been able to identify key moments of conversation and aid in live video intelligence and is currently being tested with select customers. By analyzing video streams with computer vision techniques like action recognition, Aviso can provide richer insights into customer intent than are possible with simple text analysis.

In 2022, we also launched Aviso X-Labs, a new initiative focused on advancing the field of AI, demonstrating the effectiveness of AI in a better understanding of current affairs, and applying AI towards the common good and for business.

Conversation Intelligence

Multiple Language and Accent Support - Translation, Transcription, and Insights

Building on our core Conversational Intelligence product launched in 2021, in 2022 Aviso added advanced multilingual capabilities to help sales teams communicate effectively with prospects and customers in different languages and navigate global markets more effectively. The call transcription feature allows Aviso to analyze and transcribe sales calls in 26 languages, converting the audio into text. The call insights feature generates insights on sales calls in multiple languages, providing users with information such as sentiment analysis, keywords, and timings. The call translation feature gives users the ability to translate transcribed calls into 50+ languages, allowing sales leaders to easily understand the content of a call in their native language. 

Aviso’s Translation and Multilingual Analysis

Buyer Intent Analysis

Aviso’s AI captures buyers’ purchase intent by analyzing their verbal and nonverbal cues in the calls. In 2022, we leveraged and operationalized two of the most well-known research studies on nonverbal communication to analyze body language, voice tonality, and deception — using Mehrabian 7-38-55 rule and Pinocchio effect research — to provide insights on buyers’ sentiment, engagement level, and key moments. This helps sellers determine how buyers feel about their product and services and increase their chances of success. In 2022, Aviso also started working with beta customers on Computer Vision based video intelligence to analyze body language cues from Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other video calls. This is crucial in providing sentiment and emotion feedback based on explicit and implicit signals generated in video calls.

Aviso’s Buyer Intent Analysis

Real-Time Call Guidance

In addition to generating post-call coaching insights, Aviso’s Conversational Intelligence can now generate insights live during the call. Aviso’s real-time call guidance generates context-based alerts as the call is happening to ensure that you get just the right response to seal the deal. Sales reps can now have a checklist of all the questions they need to ask and recommended responses with best practices, live during the call. Aviso listens to calls in real-time to identify whether the responses are aligned with the overall objective of the call. By listening to calls in real-time, Aviso’s AI can identify the trigger points and predict when reps would need help. This empowers reps to say the right thing on every call and handle any objections thrown their way confidently. 

Aviso’s Real-Time Call Guidance

Notetaker Bot (integrated with Google Meet, and Zoom)

Aviso’s Notetaker Bot integrates with Zoom meetings and Google Meet to record and transcribe sales conversations. Along with recording and transcribing calls, the platform also offers real-time call guidance. This allows salespeople to add checklists or prompts they would like to ask in each stage, along with recommended responses. This makes it easy for them to follow suggested talk tracks and ensure they ask the right questions and provide the appropriate responses during a sales call.

Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis

Aviso’s aspect-based sentiment analysis is a customer-centric approach that gives a comprehensive view of customer likes and dislikes, helping to identify aspects of a business that attract customers and areas that can be improved. Aviso’s AI can automatically identify the aspects driving a specific sentiment – positive or negative, and generate a sentiment graph that points out the parts of the call where buyers expressed negative/ positive sentiment. With aspect-based sentiment analysis, the sales team can pay close attention to customer feedback, understand their feelings, track buyers’ sentiments toward competitors, and work to improve customer experiences. 

Aviso’s Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis


Aviso’s state-of-the-art deep learning models automatically analyzes sales call. In 2022, we expanded our abilities to generate a summary of the main points discussed during the call. Our AI automatically generates a concise summary after every call. This helps reps and managers get a snapshot view of the call without having to go through the entire transcript and derive meaningful insights from the summary. Aviso’s call summarization also identifies the positive and negative aspects discussed during the call, giving you valuable insights into the deal and helping you focus on what's most important going forward.

Aviso’s Call Summarization

Next Steps Extraction and Writeback to CRM 

Aviso can identify and extract the next steps from a prospective call and automatically populate the next steps to your CRM from the transcript. This allows users to streamline the process of tracking and following up on important tasks, helping them stay organized and on top of their prospecting efforts.

Aviso’s Next Steps Extraction and Writeback to CRM

Activity & People Intelligence

Deeper Engagement Scores

Aviso's Engagement Score has been updated to include a wider range of data sources and to analyze more detailed aspects of customer engagement. In addition to traditional measures such as the number of emails and calendar meetings, the updated Engagement Score now looks at the sentiment and tone of emails and other communication, as well as whether conversations are becoming single-threaded or multi-threaded. It can also analyze the activity between a prospect and salesperson on platforms such as LinkedIn, in addition to email and calendar. These improvements are designed to provide a more comprehensive and nuanced view of customer engagement, helping sales teams identify next-steps actions and opportunities for improvement.

Relationship Summary

Aviso’s Relationship Intelligence guides reps in executing the right activities at the right frequency with the right stakeholders. This year, we introduced a Relationship Summary feature that allows leaders to review the activity of their reps with precision. It allows leaders to see if reps are regularly interacting with executives and at what level of engagement. The feature also allows leaders to drill down into specific conversations with executives. To do this, Aviso uses data science models to classify the seniority level of contacts in the company's CRM system into four groups: executive, mid-senior, manager, and others. This allows leaders to see who reps are interacting with and at what level, and to identify any potential areas for improvement in the way reps are building relationships with executives and other important contacts within the company.

Aviso’s Relationship Summary

Contact Auto-Population

Aviso’s Contact Auto-Population helps users scan contacts, emails, and calendars and automatically tag them to the respective contacts in CRM. This helps sales reps focus on high-value-generating activities instead of spending their time on the manual task of updating contacts in the salesforce and logging every customer-related activity. Aviso’s proprietary AI algorithm comprehensively scans emails, meetings, and other activities and auto-populates contacts to users’ dashboards for a simple review before uploading the contacts to the CRM. With the new update, in addition to contact suggestions based on email and meetings capture, the module also captures additional contact details from email signatures and maps to the hierarchy.

Aviso’s Contact Auto-Population

Deal Intelligence and Forecasting

Enhanced Nudges and Next Best Actions

Aviso’s work on Nudges and Next-Best Actions is inspired by Richard Thaler's work on the Nudge Theory and other concepts in cognitive science. In 2022, we saw our customers put more nudges into action than ever before. Aviso’s nudges are unique in the industry because they are not based on calendar changes but on your underlying revenue data sets.

We introduced several new classes of nudges, including in the areas of renewal and churn management, deal intelligence, advanced conversational intelligence, and marketing intelligence. The enhanced nudges not only help prevent deal slippage by reminding users to act early and often, but they also expedite deal execution by nudging different members of a sales team with insights and actions that matter most to moving a deal forward.

Pipeline Conversion Nudges: Maximize your sales success with Aviso’s new Pipeline Conversion Nudges that leverage AI to predict the conversion rate of deals at each stage of the pipeline and provide insights on expected bookings.

Out-Quarter Pipeline Nudges: Ensure you meet your sales targets with Aviso’s Out-Quarter Pipeline Nudges, which help you track the progress of your next quarter pipeline and identify any gaps in coverage to meet your next quarter quota.

Account Activity Nudges: Retain your valuable customers with Aviso’s Account Activity Nudges which help you identify accounts at risk of churn, and recommend actions to reduce churn risk.

Late-Stage Coverage Ratio Nudges: Optimize your sales pipeline with Aviso’s Late-Stage Coverage Ratio Nudges, which compare your current coverage to the ideal and recommend actions to inspect and adjust your pipeline, such as reviewing upside deals and pulling in additional deals to commit pipeline.

Service Ticket Nudges: Improve customer satisfaction and retention with Aviso’s Service Ticket Nudges, which help you identify and prioritize critical customer tickets for resolution.

Next Best Contact Nudges: Get notified when your champion moves on and find your next best contact with Aviso’s Next Best Contact Nudges.

Additionally, we also rolled out account-specific next-best actions, including ones targeted at specialized industries such as Financial Services and Life Sciences/Pharma revenue teams. 

Out-Quarter Pipeline Insights

Aviso’s 360-degree pipeline inspection unlocks new insights into pipeline progression, pipeline health, and where reps need to focus next. In 2022, we expanded our abilities to provide deep insights into the next quarter's performance and the required pipeline coverage. Aviso’s Out-Quarter pipeline insights help teams take action ahead of time and mitigate potential risks. This includes the summary of pipeline and expected bookings, estimated pipe in the next three quarters, and target conversion ratio vs expected conversion ratios. 

Aviso’s Out-Quarter Pipeline Insights

Full-Year Forecast Module Dashboard

Aviso’s Full-Year Forecast Dashboard allows users to see AI forecast information for the entire financial year in one place, with filters for each quarter. No more switching between quarters to see forecast data for previous and next quarters — all your forecast information is now available in one convenient place. This new view makes it easier than ever to see the big picture and plan ahead.

Aviso’s Full-Year Forecast Module (FM) Grid View

Consumption Forecasting

Aviso’s Consumption Forecasting can predict 98%+ accurate revenue for usage-based billing models driven by internal factors such as user subscriptions, buying programs, and product usage, and external factors like economy, seasonality, or cost-cutting. Aviso is the only platform that can accomplish revenue forecasting to usage at an account level incorporating factors such as data consumption, units consumed, and time to realization.

Risk Deals Tab in Forecast Explanations

Aviso's At-Risk Deals tab allows users to see deals that are at risk of missing the forecast, alongside the forecast insight explanations for segments or regions. This is important because there may be multiple deals in a segment or region that could potentially drag down the forecast score, and it's important for sales leaders to be aware of which deals are causing the issue in order to take corrective action. This also helps management and revenue frontlines understand the root causes of forecast deviations, paving way for better forecasting practices across the organization.

At-Risk Deals in Aviso’s Forecast Explanations

WinScore Projections 

Aviso’s WinScore is the AI-driven statistical probability of a deal closing in the quarter. This is not just a CRM score but looks at both temporal and non-temporal data to give a live score. This year, we introduced WinScore Projections to help users predict the likelihood of winning a deal, based on the past movements and trends of similar deals. WinScore Projections display each opportunity’s optimal and sub-optimal scenarios, giving sales users a time frame to plan and strategize accordingly. In 2022, Aviso also added deeper insights into the key factors that contribute to changes in the WinScore of a deal, such as close date changes and forecast amount changes, helping sales reps guide their activities and resources toward the most efficient deals in their pipeline.

Aviso’s WinScore Projections

Optimal And Sub-Optimal Scenarios For An Opportunity

Self-Service Administration 

Aviso's updated Self-Service Administration Module helps Admins manage their forecasting process with more flexibility. This includes the ability to manage a team’s own hierarchies within Aviso without the need to engage Customer Success or Professional Services. It also includes other self-service capabilities such as user impersonation, defining forecast fields visibility by persona, and the ability to add, modify or delete forecast pivots and measures, deal grid columns, persona-based dashboards, and new user administration capabilities. 

Account Intelligence

Dynamic Org charts with Interactions and Engagement Levels

Aviso's Dynamic Org Charts enable sellers with a deal-specific bird’s eye view of contacts and how they relate to each other in the organization hierarchy. It also provides insights on engagement levels, sentiment after the last interaction, emails sent/received metrics, scheduled meetings, and more. This helps sellers build relationships with the right contacts faster, customize pitches to each hierarchical level, and get the nod from decision-makers resulting in considerably shorter deal cycles.

Aviso’s org charts are plug-and-play and easily generated with drag-and-drop capabilities to ensure they are constantly updated versus traditional Powerpoint-based org charts. 

Aviso’s Dynamic Org Charts

AI-Guided Mutual Action Plans

This year we launched Mutual Action Plans to help manage a sales cycle effectively from deal creation to closure. It describes the sequence of activities to move the deal forward. With Aviso’s Action Plans, managers are on top of all mission-critical data on what’s happening across each and every deal in the sales organization. The AI-guided Action Plans help define, track, and align on sales stage milestones and enforce process adherence.

Aviso’s Mutual Action Plans

Aviso’s AI-guided close plans are also easily integrated into Aviso deal rooms and easily shareable with prospects and customers in deal rooms and collaboration rooms. 

Revenue Analytics 

Self-Service Revenue Analytics

Aviso’s Self-Service Analytics platform acts as a single source of truth that breaks data silos with seamless connectivity to data sources. With Aviso’s self-service analytics, users can get personalized insights and create custom dashboards, charts, and reports on the fly using natural language queries instead of using complex SQL queries. This helps build more meaningful buyer relationships by empowering sellers with augmented analytics and generating actionable data-driven insights.  

Aviso’s Self-Service Revenue Analytics

Configurable Adaptive Metrics

Aviso's Adaptive Metrics allow you to create a new singular customized metric, such as annualized churn, net expansion, etc., by combining two or more existing metrics. You can use Adaptive Metrics to quickly answer important questions about your sales performance and pipeline coverage, such as whether your late-stage pipeline meets your current quarter forecast or if you have the right product mix in your pipeline. Adaptive Metrics are presented in a tabular format for easier consumption and can be customized at any level to fit your specific needs. They are different from standard metrics displayed on the dashboard and provide additional insights into your sales performance.

Aviso’s Adaptive Metrics

Upgraded Out-of-Box reports 

Churn analysis: Understanding and tracking churn is important for businesses as it can have a significant impact on revenue and profitability. Aviso’s churn report helps users track the churn quarter on quarter based on different metrics such as renewal rate, etc. to identify trends or patterns that may be contributing to churn.

Aviso’s Churn Analysis

Waterfall report: Aviso’s Waterfall report provides visibility into changes in the sales pipeline for any quarter over a specific time period by looking at the pipeline movement. Users can get insights into how the pipeline has changed for deals closing in the current or next quarter, such as increases, decreases, pull-ins, or pushed-out deals, since a specific point in time. This feature can help users understand the dynamics of their sales pipeline and make informed decisions about their sales strategy.

Aviso’s Waterfall Report

Sales Funnel view: Aviso's Sales Funnel view allows users to visualize the progression of their sales cycle for a given time period. With this feature, users can track the percentage of opportunities that are converted from the first stage to the won stage and understand where sales reps may be losing deals. By selecting a specific time frame for closed opportunities, users can identify their conversion rates and see the flow of opportunities through the stages.

Aviso’s Sales Funnel View

Pipeline Projection: Aviso's Pipeline Projection feature allows users to compare their current sales forecast to historical conversion trends. This report provides a snapshot of the pipeline at the same point in time in previous quarters and helps users understand the conversion of their existing pipeline deals and the contribution of new deals not in the forecast. By understanding the conversion rates of their existing pipeline deals and the contribution of new deals not in the forecast, users can gain valuable insights into their sales performance. 

Aviso’s Pipeline Projection

GTM Collaboration

Purpose-Built Persistent Rooms and Huddles 

With teams working in remote, in-office, hybrid, and metaverse environments more than ever before, Aviso introduced additional channels or rooms for extending the workspace to external customers and partners, in addition to internal team members. Furthermore, for transient cross-team engagements outside of scheduled meetings in the same workspace, Aviso enables quick team huddles versus having to deal with chat in Slack, calls on Zoom or Teams, and Google or Microsoft calendar wrangling.  

Embedded Approval workflows 

Aviso’s embedded approval workflows make it easy for teams to construct ad-hoc workflows for streamlining internal and external deal processes such as Statement of Work reviews, Proposal, and TOS checks, or Invoice approvals with Legal, Procurement, and other teams. 

Automatic Deal Room Creation

Aviso’s Deal Rooms are a unified location for all deal-specific conversations, strategies, and assets. Aviso is now able to create Deal Rooms on autopilot for every deal, saving you tons of effort. With automatic Deal Room creation, anyone involved in the deal can join, view, and engage in deal-related conversations and coaching, enabling collaboration and deal visibility for all team members. This feature also allows you to manage and easily schedule meetings, collaborate on deal progress in real-time, and manage document workflow.

Aviso’s Deal Rooms

Customer and Marketing Intelligence

Marketing Intelligence

This year, Aviso expanded its Marketing Intelligence offerings to include top-of-the-funnel intelligence through integration with popular marketing automation platforms like Marketo and HubSpot. We've also introduced AI-based lead scoring with human-readable explanations, intelligence-based recommendations for SDR assignments, and rich analytics and insights through customizable dashboards. 

Customer Intelligence

Aviso also expanded its Customer Intelligence offerings with customers using Aviso for advanced investigations into the quality of account engagement within Aviso itself. This includes running Customer Account reviews and customer Quarterly Business Reviews within Aviso itself, and also gaining insights into Churn risks for different account cohorts. Some of the specific customer intelligence metrics Aviso expanded this year include Account Churn Risk Group and Healthy Account Engagement Group.

Sales Automation

In 2022, Aviso also worked with beta customers to roll out new sales engagement capabilities including in the areas of SDR guidance, cadence optimization, and more sophisticated capture of Top of Funnel intent including targeting and channel optimization. 

Revenue Workflow Integrations 

Native Integrations – Webex, Google Meet, Zoom, RingCentral

Aviso is now even more powerful for virtual selling with the addition of new integrations with popular video conferencing solutions. We have expanded our list of integrations to include Cisco Webex and RingCentral in addition to Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. With these integrations, you can easily schedule calls directly through the Aviso platform and connect with your clients and colleagues from anywhere. But that's not all — our AI will analyze the meeting recording, transcribe it, and provide valuable insights to both reps and managers. This will help your revenue teams get the most out of every call by extracting critical conversation insights.

Aviso’s Native Meetings Integrations

Cloud Data Warehouse Integration

Aviso integrates with Cloud Data Warehouse platforms like Snowflake to democratize data management and storage and help companies scale faster, with the flexibility and versatility they need for different economic environments. Unlike traditional CRM which usually stores account attributes like industry, firm size, and employee count, and deal attributes like deal size, deal probability, and open deals, cloud data warehouses are able to store more diverse kinds of data required for modern business intelligence and analytics. This includes consumption data (daily, hourly), pricing and subscription tiers, product usage, and other user-attribute information. Only Aviso's time-series architecture, real-time sync, and machine-learning models can equip every company to forecast based on consumption data.

Aviso’s Cloud Data Warehouse Integrations

Sales Enablement Integrations

In 2022, Aviso expanded its integrations with Sales Enablement tools like Saleshood to empower sales teams with actionable sales enablement insights and recommendations. Aviso's sales enablement capabilities allow users to track and measure the effectiveness of their sales enablement efforts and provide real-time training based on MEDDIC performance. By closing the loop between sales enablement and impact, users can continuously improve their sales process and re-enable their team with the necessary training and support. We leverage KPIs like engagement grade, CI score, quota attainment, etc. to help salespeople track prospect and customer engagement and monitor the effectiveness of their sales enablement efforts. Aviso provides users with a cumulative view of insights by connecting enablement with pipeline, customer engagement, and activity insights. Tailored recommendations enable users to navigate directly to the corresponding content via seamless integration between Aviso and sales engagement platforms.

Aviso’s Sales Enablement Insights

In addition to these integrations, we also expanded on existing integration categories.

See the exhaustive list of our integrations here.

Platform Upgrade

Real-Time Streaming Architecture

Aviso now leverages a real-time streaming architecture designed to provide fast and accurate updates to the platform. The architecture synchronizes changes in external systems, such as CRMs, email, calendar, and meeting platforms, in real-time and ensures that updates take effect in Aviso within seconds, rather than minutes. The architecture is built using proven technology that powers internet-scale platforms, allowing it to handle millions of events per second and provide fast and accurate insights to users.


In 2022, Aviso implemented MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) that enabled effective management of the development, deployment, and maintenance of machine learning pipelines and models in production. This resulted in shorter development cycles and increased reliability, performance, and scalability of ML systems. This allowed us to innovate faster, reduce time-to-market, effectively handle changes in customer data patterns and provide the latest and greatest AI/ ML to our customers.


We're incredibly proud of the progress we've made this year and are grateful to our users for their continued support and feedback. We can't wait to see what the future holds and look forward to continuing to serve your revenue intelligence needs in 2023 and beyond!

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